Waterproof Beam 350 IP65 Moving Head


    Voltage: AC100V 240V/50 60Hz
    Ballast: electronic ballast
    Lamp: OSRAM 350W
    Color Temperature: 8500K
    Lamp life: 1500 hours
    Color: 13colors + 1 rainbow effect
    Pattern: 14 + 1 water effect pattern

    Prism: 16+8 prism& Linear prism,rotating,macro function

    Lens: high-precision multi-group glued optical lens
    Adjusting coke: linear focus
    Dimming: 0-100% linear regulator
    Spotlights range: X to 540 °, Y to 270 °, you can automatically correct positioning
    Beam Angle: the parallel beam angle of 0 - 2.3 ° atomization light angle of 8 °

    Control mode: International standard DMX512
    Channels: 18 channels

    40m/48175Lux 60m/20855Lux
    Protection: IP55
    Lamp Size: 400×330×650mm
    Net weight: 24KG