At last - a rechargeable battery operated powerful LED light or when you require light and no mains or generator power is available. Whatsmore it features wireless DMX so there is no need to run any power or DMX cables providing a quick easy set up. This light is ideal for marques/tents and any indoor or outdoor functions and parties.



    • High powered rechargable LED 5 in 1 RGBWA 12 × 10W compact wash.
    • Battery can operate up to 16 hrs.
    • Recharging time is approx 4 hrs.
    • Can also be used with standard power.
    • Wireless DMX.
    • Briliant colors including white, with internal programes including sound activation. color chase,fade in/out.
    • No need for power cables, extension leads, power outlets etc.
    • Convenient floor stand designed so that the light can work at any angle